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General Guidelines to Anesthesia

There are various types of anesthesia that may be utilized during surgery based on several factors: surgical procedure, medical history, and surgeon or anesthesiologist’s preference. You will have the opportunity to speak with an anesthesia provider during your pre-operative testing appointment or
pre-operative interview.

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Pre-Op Testing

You may be asked to complete a phone or in-person interview prior to surgery. This typically includes your medical and surgical history, lab studies, radiology imaging, and other indicated testing. The interview will be coordinated through your physician’s office and hospital staff.

Day of Surgery

You will be notified by a nurse from the hospital regarding the following instructions: arrival time, expected length of surgery and recovery, when to stop food and water intake (typically nothing to eat or drink after midnight for the following day surgery), and which medications to stop or continue taking.

Post Surgery

The recovery room experience is dependent on your specific surgery and response to anesthesia. Length of stay can be as little as 30 minutes to as long as a few hours depending on a variety of factors such as: surgical operation, response to anesthesia, medical history, hospital bed and staff availability, and anesthesia or surgeon preference.

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